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Summer Offers Many Chilling Deals

Best Groupon Deals for Frozen Treats in Los Angeles

Ice Cream Deals on GrouponSummer is here and nothing beats the heat more than a deal on some ice cream unless you’re sick of course. I’m currently in Los Angeles from a flight I booked with rewards points from my Citi card. Staying in a hotel that was 30% off a night and now I’m looking for some cheap ice cream. We’re going to go over some deals on ice cream and even frozen yogurt because it can be considered the younger brother of ice cream. If you don’t already know or haven’t trusted the internet with your money, Groupon has a great variety of things to do for you and your friends at a fraction of the price that things are normally advertised. It’s only a matter of time before you and your friends come across a bargain that allows you to relax over some ice cream. Not all offers on Groupon are amazing but there sure is enough to look through. Here are some of the best ice cream deals.


  1. Cold Stone Creamery (West Hills and other locations)

Whether it’s your dad’s birthday in August or you’re celebrating Fourth of July, ice cream cakes from Cold Stone Creamery are the perfect thing. Head on over to any Cold Stone Creamery in the area and show them this Groupon for $6.50 for $10 worth of ice cream which includes anything that has to do with ice cream. With so many locations in the Los Angeles area it’s hard to miss this deal.


  1. N’ice Cream (Playa Vista)

If you’re around Venice you should check out N’ice Cream in Playa Vista as they have a better deal than that of Cold Stone Creamery. The company is all about that rich and amazing flavor that everyone wants. Chances are that if you want it they might make it in the future.


  1. Ice Cream Treats at Ice Cream Lab (38% Off) (Little Tokyo and other locations)

This place has a unique style to their ice cream, its popular sandwich is what drives crowds from around the Los Angeles area. Their deals through Groupon are $8 for two medium ice creams with one topping which they estimate to cost $13, $8 for two Nitro Pockets or Nitro cookie sandwiches also valued at $13, and last but not least $16 for two pints of ice cream. Their only competition in terms of style is After’s in Pasadena but they aren’t exactly shelling out deals at the moment.


  1. Churned Creamery (Topanga mall)

With over 90 ratings at 4 stars this deal couldn’t be more of a sure thing. Now that’s a deal I can’t afford to miss. Good times guaranteed with their creamy croissant ice cream sandwiches. I couldn’t come up with that myself. They have the traditional ice cream in a cup as well as their signature ice cream croissant sandwiches.


  1. Ben and Jerry’s

The magic that is Ben and Jerry’s is that it’s simple and delicious but now with this deal it’s also really cheap. It’s the real deal nobody should be missing. You can either get 5 vouchers for $15 with a total value at $30 or 10 vouchers for $30 which is valued at $60. You can mix and match as you please.


  1. Baskin Robins

With a whopping total of 436 reviews you cannot think low of Baskin Robins. They get the job done right. They have four deals on Groupon that can fit anybody’s needs. 1. Punch card valued at $20 for five mini Cappuccino Blasts for only $10. 2. One ice cream 1/3 sheet cake valued at $28 at $16 dollars. 3. One ice cream 2/3 ice cream cake valued at $44 dollars for only $30. 4. A punch card for five regular ice cream scoops for only $10 with the value of $16 dollars.


  1. Mister Coolee Ice Cream (up to 60% Off) (La Puente)

If you find yourself out east in the San Gabriel Valley you might want to check out this ice cream shop. These prices are unbeatable in comparison to the others. They have two options for you. The first is two vouchers for $8, each worth $10. The second is an ice cream bar variety pack for $12 that normally costs $20.25.


  1. Menchie’s at (Gage Village)

This emerging frozen yogurt business is doing us a favor by offering a way to fight the heat. It usually doesn’t take much but here it is. You pay $13 for four vouchers each worth $5 with a total value of $20.


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