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Getting Apps to Get Discounts


If you are like us then you love to get a good deal. Sometimes it might seem like there is no deal around. If you look hard enough though you might find a gem of a deal. It happens so often when we might purchase something at the store just to find out it was cheaper on the online store. Sometimes we purchase things on a stores website just to find out we could have gotten it cheaper on amazon. Well that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

So you might already know about checking with a stores website. you might have also already know about checking with amazon. Lastly you might have got on to eCommerce major price discrimination scheme. Here is how price discrimination works. Every time you go online you need to connect through a browser. That browser track your information as well as the search engines you use to search for information. The purpose is to find out as much information about you as possible. Search engines along with your social accounts can give access to a lot of your information to the public. Must people consider this some form unethical evil, meanwhile we think it can be a small blessing. If you know what you are looking for, simply type it into a search engine. Update your socials with info like “looking to buy _______” and eventually you will not only start seeing ads that cater to your need but you will also receive emails. Once you open the emails even if you do not like the price offered, follow the link through and stay on the page for a while but do not buy the product. Leave the page after a while and shortly you will most likely get another email with a bigger discount or a similar product at a much smaller price point.

Well there is some deals that not really seem like a deal and some deals that just require to much like countless rebates or surveys. When this happen you would rather just pay the higher price for the convenience of not having to deal with all the back end of the deal. Well, there is another way to get exclusive deals. Apps, that’s right apps made specifically for a certain company or store offer exclusive deals so that you will continue to use there app so they can directly target you over and over. The whole point behind it stems from a long term customer as opposed to a single purchase customer. these apps offer you deals in many ways. They offer you points the more you use them. They offer daily or weekly deals forcing you to use their app and bring you closer to making a purchase every time you use it. They also look at the analytics of what you browsed, how long, and what you simple ignored. Once again here some might consider this unethical, yet it makes for a great deal. If you think about it this way. The app offers you deals as low as you are willing to pay as long as it doesn’t create a situation in which it loses money. Even if company that makes the app only brakes even off of the sale they gain valuable information that they sell to other companies so they can offer you products that you are also interested in. The only catch is that you should have an email setup specifically for deals. Also you should not do this if you find you are very susceptible to impulse buying.

This works great for daily necessities as well as major purchases like flights and hotels. There are apps for everything, even for people who want to purchase a flight in a private jet (JetSetter). One major app that offer deals for everything and anything is Group On. We would like to help you with specifics but whatever it may be just do a little bit of looking and we are sure you will find an deals app that is right for you.

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